Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien, installing <i>Fur</i> at deadWEST.
Trish Igo and Jill O’Brien, installing Fur at deadWEST.

Trish A. Igo is an Associate Professor in Ceramics and Design at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas.  She received her B.S. in Biology (Evolution, Ecology, and Environmental) at University of Texas, Austin in 2001, and her M.F.A. in Ceramics at the University of North Texas in 2006.  Igo is a practicing visual artist that works in mixed media to explore the relationship between science and aesthetic and nostalgia and fantasy.   Having cultivated a unified aesthetic, she and artist Jill O’Brien have worked collaboratively since 2001 to nurture an Imaginarium of taxidermy, photography, sculpture, and found objects that represent a shared ideal past and future.   Igo’s sculpture and photography is exhibited nationally and her collaborative work with O’Brien was the subject of an internationally shown, award-winning documentary short, Still, Life, in 2005.

Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien, <i>Story Time</i>, 2012
Trish Igo and Jill O’Brien,
Story Time, 2012

Animal philosophies are rife with contradictions brought about by our childhood idolatry of animals and our societal use and slaughter of them.  Commixing these extremes, Trish Igo and Jill O’Brien create a dreamlike exposé of our haunted faunal relationships. Igo and O’Brien work collaboratively in mixed media to compose vignettes with coveted objects and creatures to construct situations that provoke reflection on the subjective and selective ways that people view animals.













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