I don’t even know…  I’d say it was a work-in-progress but it’s more a work-in-regress.  It was intended to become a rabbity lump on a ceramic snake pedestal but it balked and it whined about its entire existence but especially about the snake pedestal until I relented and reassessed it.  I think it may be better as a freaky little wall piece.  At the moment I plan to flock it white and grey and attach either multiple sewn bunny ears or stuffed bunny feet ‘charms’ to the bottom. But I also got the idea for future piece to make foggy red resin eyes for an albino bunny effect (I know, right!).  Will post some follow-up pics soon, unless we just can’t resolve our differences.

legit and in print

Jill and I got three works in the Rethinking Ceramics exhibition in Rosenberg, Oregon and exhibition catalog.  The show was juried by the awesome surreal ceramist Heidi Preuss Grew.   We got our catalogs in the mail and are geekin’ out.

The Abject Objective

Jill and I are working on a new series of large surreal sculptures. The first one, Abject, will don this creepy orb. The eyeball was made with colored casting resin, the flesh – Magic Sculpt.


Road trip to Jewett

Jill and I visited a family friend who let us stay in her gorgeous home and fed us homemade biscuits. Carol has a small farm and always saves her expired pets for us. The deep-freeze is full again.


Doodles at sea.

Conch Float


Cable Tangle
Cable Tangle

Christian deLeon and I are trying a ‘trading’ sort of collaboration.   He’s taken my scanned doodles to make new digital collages, and I’ve taken his digital print scraps and am adding nesting doodles.  It’s a lot of fun working off of his shapes and the first time I’ve ever used my drawings as something more than a planning process.



One day I will be a lamb.

Lamb Mask

I’m working with Aaron Lara-Martinez on a video-projection installation project involving rooster-piranhas, false mirrors, and a filmed ritual with animal-masked participants.  My lamb mask is almost finished.  It started as paper mache and polymer clay but later I reinforced it with Magic Sculpt and Fiberglass/Resin.



Slicin’ up Eyeballs

Slicin up Eyeballs

Inspired by the UPS bill for shipping “Hoarder” to Georgia and back, Jill and I are making some small-scale surreal objects that we can afford to ship!  I’m making a grape-cluster decanter form out of polymer clay ‘animal eyes’.



Finally websites!

Jill in my snuggieJill and I have been working hard to finish our new wordpress webpages (which means she’s been spending hours at my house hijacking my ridiculous neon-checkered snuggie).   We had opposing schedules all year so it’s been nice to work together again.  And I get the snuggie back when she leaves.